In almost every transaction, one party says, “why don’t we split the difference?” Don’t let that party be you. If you let the seller offer to split the difference, you’re again making him feel like he’s winning. If the negotiating continues, you’re still the one in control. It always helps in negotiations to have something in your back pocket you’re willing to give up, even before the negotiations begin. It can be almost anything, as long as it makes the seller feel as though he’s winning. One thing you must absolutely have in your back pocket is a clean offer. You won’t be in any position to negotiate if you have to wait for the mortgage lender to approve you for a loan, or if the purchase is contingent upon the sale of your existing home. If you want to be able to negotiate, get pre-approved for the amount you want to borrow and either sell your existing home or get approved for a bridge loan so you can carry your existing mortgage until the house sells. We are you go to connection for Real Estate in Las Vegas. Whomever you are, we are here to help you network and make things happen! Contact us for more information on how we can best support you!